The {B} Family - Utah Family Photographer

22 November 2010

This is the last family session I was able to squeeze in before the weather turned to freeezing!!! They were troopers and even Little {G} didn't even let out a peep about the cold weather! He was so good for the shoot, and I am glad we were able to squeeze them in and get some great pictures!!

Here is your sneak peek! Enjoy!

The {R} Family - Idaho Family Photographer

16 November 2010

When we went to Boise in Oct, I was able to sneak in a shoot with my sister and her gorgeous family! Let me just say that my neice and nephew are very photogenic! The little miss was soooo smiley for the melted me and the little guy...he just made me laugh at all his facial expressions! I'm pretty sure that I say this in EVERY session I do with my sister, but she has the most stunning green them! Can't leave her hubby out of the compliment giving...{A}'re hair looks awesome and wait..have you been workin out?! ;)  {No..I'm not hitting on my brother in law...get your minds away from there! :) }

 I'm so glad we were able to do their cute pics!! Love you guys so much!


The {B} Family - Utah Family Photographer

This is another one of my fabulous friends with her main squeeze and little princess! Believe it or not we did this mini shoot in about 20 min! Little {N} was lovin the camera in her single shots, even though it was a little chilly! I'm glad we were able to fit these in before ALL the fall leaves left us!

Here is your sneak peek! Enjoy![gallery link="file" columns="4"]

The {G} Family - Utah Maternity & Family Photographer

08 November 2010

Another one of my favorite families! Ash needed to finish up her maternity pictures since Baby {H} is coming  soon! Also little Miss {A} turned 3 a few weeks ago and needed to document her complete and utter cuteness!!

This isn't really a sneak peek. She has already seen them..but I had to show all of you of course!

P.S. I forgot to post this sneak peek..and Baby {H} is absolutely gorgeous! We are doing her newborn shoot tomorrow! Stay tuned for a sneak peek of that!

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