Miss Lala

24 June 2011

We were finally able to get some shots of Miss Lala. Her mom was so patient with me! She turned 2 in January, but Shannon was kind enough to wait til after I had my little guy and got back to work! Lala was a little tired..so we got to see the serious side of her. It's a cute serious side though! :) Check back for session 2 in a week or two!


IMG_3305 BWc





Isn't she a cutie?!

Miss A

17 June 2011

This is my little sassafrass! She is a diva to the fullest and she knows it! She is so hot and cold in front of the camera. When she is in the mood..she owns it, loves it and poses for anyone who will take notice, but in 2 seconds flat..she will change her mind and give you some grump and attitude! Good thing I was able to capture her good mood for a few shots..though I will throw in one of her pouting and one of her getting crazy faced! 

Love my lil missy!

IMG_3211 BWc






IMG_3351 BWc


IMG_3349 BWc

IMG_3271 BWc

Baby {Z}

This is my darling little baby boy! He was born on April 21 and is now 8 weeks old! He is such a great baby and has been a huge blessing in our lives! We love him to pieces!

I thought that it would be a fabulous opportunity to have a newborn so I could practice newborn posing all the time. Pssshhh ya right! Who has time for that with 3 kids! Haha! He only got a few at 5 days old and then no more til 6 weeks old! Oh well, at least we got some!

Check him out!

{5 Days}

{ 6 Weeks }