Cute Baby B

27 January 2009

My friend Brienne had a darling baby girl a couple of weeks ago and let me come take pictures of her! She is darling and tiny and makes me so unbelievably baby hungry! :)

Here is your sneak peek! Enjoy!

My cute Niece and Nephew!

19 January 2009

I got to take pictures of my cute niece and nephew this weekend! T loved it and did an awesome job posing for the pictures. K on the other hand was subjected to intense reverse psychology and bribery..and in the end we came out with some great pictures!
Here is your sneak peek! Enjoy!

Website is done!

15 January 2009

I revamped my website over the holidays and love the turn out! Make sure to check it out! My pricing has changed a little, in order to make it simple and to the point!

A Little Spice to the Portfolio

03 January 2009

Today we went to Hardware Ranch to take a sleigh ride and see all the elk that come down in the winter! I haven't ever been one to take pictures of wildlife, so I don't claim any talent here whatsover, but I enjoyed taking these pictures and just may have to do more in the future!

The one above is SOOC (straight out of camera). I love the colors!