{ Stacy + Jamie } Engagements - Utah Engagement Photographer

08 January 2011

Another wedding in the family is coming up in February! This is my husband's sister and her fiance! Thanks Jamie,  for being a good sport and "suffering" through the mooshy gooshy parts of engagement pictures! :)  Luckily it wasn't TOO cold outside. Well, I wasn't cold.. I have a little extra baby fat to keep me warm! Haha! I don't think Stacy could feel her feet afterwards though! :)

Here is your sneak peek! Enjoy!

{ Travis + Katie } Engagements - Utah Engagement Photographer

This is my brother-in-law and his soon to be wife! She is such a sweetheart and is from South Carolina, so she has a "southern girl's accent".  I wish I had an accent! :) We did this shoot in about 15 minutes because it was 17 degrees outside...and we didn't want their noses to resemble Rudolph's for their announcements!

Welcome to the family Katie!

Here is your sneak peek! Enjoy!